The right combination
of hedge funds can bring
sustained growth to
your portfolio

Allow yourself the courage
to THINK differently…


Have you really given the
construction of your portfolio
the care it deserves?

It is not too late.

Protection is for
risk-takers too…



As a boutique asset manager, THINK.CAPITAL has provided clients with alternative investment solutions since 2014. The strategy has demonstrated its worth through the award-winning returns of THINK.CAPITAL’s pioneer funds.

We believe that investment lessons gained from studies or transferred from one individual to the next takes many years to be internalized and applied. To this end, we have 20 years demonstrable experience in investing in hedge funds – the longest uninterrupted track record in South Africa. This period includes the hands-on participation in two major financial crises.

Client Value proposition

Within hedge funds, it can be proven that ongoing selection matters. There is a persistently wide difference in returns across funds and a strong and ongoing rotation in the relative ranking of individual funds and styles. The cost of getting selection wrong can be acute and the benefit of getting it right is considerable. The dispersion and rotation observed is significantly larger in hedge funds than in traditional funds.

The THINK.CAPITAL Business is positioned for the ongoing selection of hedge funds and timely portfolio rotation to optimise returns and manage risks.  Our solutions are structured to only incur capital gains tax when a client redeems and therefore frees us to make unhindered decisions around hedge fund composition.


  • Independent specialist advice with regards to a very specific field within investments
  • Demonstrable experience in portfolio construction and portfolio rotation.
  • A reliable alternative return stream that complements a traditional portfolio.
  • Clients invest alongside the THINK principals and related entities as well as its underlying Hedge Fund Managers in typically bespoke mandates not available otherwise.


Our Funds

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