Why Invest in the RCIS THINK Growth QI Hedge Fund?

There are three reasons why an investor should consider investing in the 
RCIS THINK Growth QI Hedge Fund, namely:

  1. the team's experience and skill;
  2. the Fund's innovative investment solutions; and
  3. the Fund's performance to date.

Experience and Skill

The investment manager has 16 years' of investment experience, including 14 years of performing hedge fund research and investing in hedge funds.

The THINK.CAPITAL team has significant experience in designing a Fund of Hedge funds, i.e.

  • identifying, analysing and designing each underlying mandate to obtain a deep understanding of the risk exposure;
  • considering the relationship of exposures across these mandates; and
  • selecting hedge fund managers with sufficiently diversified strategies for good risk management and to create different return profiles.

THINK.CAPITAL's highly skilled and experienced team actively manages the portfolio and performs ongoing reviews on the current mandates and continues to investigate potential new mandates to diversify the current portfolio.

Innovative solution

Unlike the typical fund of funds' approach, the Fund's approach does not seek to generate absolute returns all of the time - rather, it allows for some contained downside some of the time to ultimately capture more upside.

However, the Fund maintains a strong focus on delivering more positive months than negative months, and minimizing the size of negative months relative to the size of positive months. This results in effective compounding and superior longer term returns. Compounding occurs when gains are generated on the back of gains.

Effective gains are those that result in capital growth.

Ineffective gains are characteristic of the inescapable law of investment that for every loss incurred, a higher return is needed from an investment to recover to its initial capital value.

As losses increase, the gains needed for capital to recover increases exponentially.

The Fund view is that ultimately this strategy should result in an outperformance of equities.


The Fund achieved very good results in 2015 - for every R100 invested, the Fund delivered R21.96 to investors, versus an investment in the South African equity market that delivered R5.12*.

(*The Fund delivered 21.96%, and the FTSE/JSE All Share Index TR was up 5.12% for the year)

The Fund was the winner of the HedgeNews Africa Fund of Hedge Funds (Multi Strategy) 2015 award.

Please refer to the Fund Fact Sheet above for our latest results.


The Fund is structured as a collective investment scheme. THINK. CAPITAL Investment Management Pty Ltd (FSP number 46714) is the Financial Service Provider of the Fund.

The Fund is registered as a Qualified Investor Hedge Funds ("QIHF") -

"qualified investor" means any person, who invests a minimum investment amount of R1 million per hedge fund, and who:

  • has demonstrable knowledge and experience in financial and business matters which would enable the investor to assess the merits and risks of a hedge fund investment; or
  • has appointed a FSP who has demonstrable knowledge and experience to advise the investor regarding the merits and risks of a hedge fund investment.

However, if you would be interested to rather invest in a Retail Hedge Fund (investments of less than R1 million), please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

You can either contact us or request the detailed information from your investment advisor regarding the investment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to this pdf document for more information.

You can either contact us or request the detailed information from your investment advisor.

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